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Why should you Rent Returnable Containers

Are you confused as to whether your company should purchase new plastic shipping containers or rent the same type of containers? If you are, you have probably done some digging to find a credible and reliable source where you can acquire the containers. Before you make the choice to purchase or rent, we suggest that you look at the pros associated with rentable containers.

Now is the time to stop worrying about returning your packaging or replacing broken packing! Choose to rent with CONTAINERPAL!
Why should I rent returnable containers from CONTAINERPAL?

  • The initial investment associated with initial expenditures for returnable plastic containers can be high. Container rental can be an affordable way in which you begin the transformation of your manufacturing facility.
  • Your company will have complete control over returnable expenditures.
  • Knowing your monthly expenses for returnable packaging will allow you to spend time expanding your business, this essentially increases efficiencies.
  • Rental allows you to have the precise amount of containers and pallets you feel you need on-hand at all times.
  • Rental means that repair will be our responsibility if a plastic container needs to be re-molded.
  • Anything you ship will always remain clean, safe and undamaged.
  • Returnable rental containers will eliminate waste within your plant and better protect the environment in the process.

When is it good to rent returnable containers and pallets?

  • When you are slammed with a sudden project.
  • For prolonged clean storage of either raw materials or finished goods.
  • For a closed loop warehouse, in which you expect to see a container return at the end of production.

The CONTAINERPAL container rental program was designed with your company in mind. Contact us today to discuss your best options!