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Liquid Container Rental Options

CONTAINERPAL’s heavy duty reusable liquid containers offer your company a better value than any other product in the market place. These efficient, collapsible, ergonomic bulk liquid shipping and storage boxes are designed to withstand the toughest transportation conditions, reduce waste and cut back transportation costs, all while greening your supply chain!

In order to reduce the amount of overall capital expenditures, transportation costs and optimize sustainability, we offer two convenient, returnable bulk liquid container rental options:

  1. Pay-Per-Use Rental Container Management

    Leave cleaning, repairs, and tracking to us. CONTAINERPAL will manage your shipment from the moment of rental through to cleaning, and we’ll track your product the whole way. This no-hassle option lets us do what we do best, while you carry on with business as usual.

    CONTAINERPAL charges a single all-inclusive per-use fee for each liquid container rental. With this cost you will receive:

    • Liquid Container/Liner Delivery
    • Empty Container Pickup
    • Full Cleaning/Sanitizing
    • Container Repair (if needed)
    • Tracking of your valuable product
    • No hidden costs or mysterious extra charges!
  2. Short or Long-Term Liquid Bulk Container Rentals

    At CONTAINERPAL, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay to store reusable liquid containers any longer than you need them. This option allows you to only pay for the specific number of reusable IBCs you use, as long as you use them and to save warehouse storage space. Don’t pay an exorbitant storage fee if you only need the bulk containers for 30 to 90 days. Short and Long-Term rentals offer you the flexibility to use our services for temporary demand increases, facility moves, and seasonal product transportation.

  3. Purchase New or Used Containers

    CONTAINERPAL also offers a full range of both new and used reusable packaging products for purchase, including bulk containers, plastic pallets, distribution totes, corrugated plastic containers, industrial carts & more. Our extensive catalog contains all footprints, heights, and color options to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help!