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Benefits of Bulk Liquid Storage Containers

The implementation of CONTAINERPAL’s bulk liquid container program will result in increased sustainability and overall cost reduction through our simple formula IMPROVE & REDUCE:


Grow your bottom line - CONTAINERPAL's intermediate bulk container, the BUCKHORN CALIBER 315 gallon collapsible liquid bulk container, are high performance, "bag-in-box systems" that save you time and money on transportation, handling, and storage of liquid products. CONTAINERPAL's bulk liquid storage containers combine the benefits of a rigid returnable container system, with the simplicity of disposable single use corrugated product - without the added waste.

Improved flow of bulk liquid product –The interlocking, lightweight design of CONTAINERPAL's bulk liquid storage container allows liquid product to travel safely and efficiently to its destination. The design features of CONTAINERPAL's reusable liquid bulk container guarantee a long service life and the safe delivery of your products.

Maximized liquid product protection for Hygiene and damage cost reductionCONTAINERPAL's BUCKHORN CALIBER 315 gallon reusable IBCs reflect the highest standards of hygiene for handling requirements of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic materials and non-hazardous chemicals. The collapsible intermediate bulk containers are constructed from materials approved for use with food and feature smooth, hygienic designs that are easy to keep clean. The reusable IBC's flexible liner bag is sterile and can be filled without introducing air into the reusable liquid container. CONTAINERPAL's reusable and collapsible IBCs supports many ISO-Certified and Six-Sigma operations by protecting incoming and outgoing liquid shipments from damage. The all-plastic construction protects product from damage that can occur from nails, rust or splinters commonly found in dirty wood pallets, insect riddled wood crates, and moldy wood boxes.

Optimized inventory management through standardized sizes - CONTAINERPAL's reusable IBC system, the BUCKHORN CALIBER 315 gallon collapsible bulk liquid shipper, comes in one standard size, 48.6 x 44.7 x 48, designed specifically to improve inventory management.

Improved warehouse space utilization – Process improvements enabled by reusable packaging, such as CONTAINERPAL's intermediate bulk container can reduce inventory and make better use of fixed assets, including warehouse floor space and material handling equipment.

Improved product and worker safetyCONTAINERPAL's reusable IBC system is designed to protect the quality of your products during extremely rough handling. From loading to unloading and return, our reusable IBCs are tested for transport by truck, rail and sea container. Particular consideration in design has been paid to railway transport, which can entail hard impacts, stresses, and strains. On the worker safety side, plant managers report fewer incidents related to packaging because of improved handling and better tracking/locating of materials. In the age of skyrocketing workers’ compensation and health care costs, ergonomically designed liquid shipping containers improve worker safety and your company’s bottom line at the same time. Standard-sized liquid containers with handles and access doors make reusable IBCs more user-friendly and easier on workers, resulting in fewer strains and musculoskeletal disorders.


Reduced limited and single use packaging waste (from the disposal of one way triple wall corrugated liquid shipping boxes, gaylords, and wood pallets) – The disposal of corrugated and wood waste is costly in terms of disposal fees and non-value added labor incurred for set-up and/or breakdown. The long service life of our rental containers, CONTAINERPAL's reusable IBCs, the BUCKHORN CALIBER 315 gallon collapsible liquid bulk container, allows them to be used over and over again in place of single use corrugated boxes and wood pallets.

Reduced packaging costs – Annual packaging costs plummet with reusable plastic liquid bulk containers. Recurring charges for single use packaging, such as bottle in a cage IBCs and single use corrugated liquid containers, are avoided and waste is reduced significantly compared to expendable packaging.

Reduced transportation costs due to packaging modularity and standardization – “Right-sized” reusable liquid bulk containers standardize the number of containers per truckload, enabling better ordering capabilities, cost estimating, logistics and transportation planning. Stacking the liquid IBC containers to the truck’s maximum capacity streamlines transportation costs. To minimize return transportation costs, CONTAINERPAL's reusable IBC collapses when empty and stacks with a 2.5:1 ratio.

Reduced labor costs due to standardized workflow – Multiple layers of paper, plastic liners and other expendable packing materials can be eliminated. This reduction, in turn, requires fewer labor steps in the packaging process, as well as less ordering and set-up time and zero container disposal cost. Receiving and inspection of deliveries is faster and easier with standardized packaging and consistent unit sizes. Corresponding indirect labor and equipment costs are driven from the system.

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CONTAINERPAL offers two convenient bulk liquid container rental options:

  • Pay-Per-Use Trip Container Rental
  • Short or Long-Term Container Rental

With CONTAINERPAL you have the freedom to choose whichever option suits your company’s needs best.

All bulk liquid IBCs are FDA and Food Contact Approved.