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Bulk Container Rentals

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Bulk Container Rental, Container Tracking, Container Pooling, and Container Logistics Services from Container Pooling and Logistics, Inc. (CONTAINERPAL) is your company’s best choice for complete container rental, container tracking, container pooling and container logistics services.

Dry Bulk Container Rentals

Dry Bulk Containers

Liquid Bulk Container Rentals

Liquid Bulk Containers

Harvest Bin Container Rentals

Harvest Bins

We rent durable liquid bulk, dry bulk, and agricultural harvest containers, such as the popular BUCKHORN CALIBER 315 gallon collapsible liquid bulk container, the 48” x 45” x 34” industry standard collapsible dry bulk container, and the Shuttlebin 330 and the Macx bin, as well as other sizes. These reusable bulk containers are designed to serve bulk liquid markets such as the food processing, beverage, dairy, cosmetic and non-hazardous chemical markets, dry bulk markets such as automotive manufacturing, food processing, consumer goods manufacturing, and movers, and agricultural markets such as citrus, watermelons, pumpkins, onions, potatoes, grapes, cantaloupes, cucumbers, apples, and pears, as well as many other related industries.

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