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Plastic Field Bins


The CONTAINERPAL Rental Program offers the CONTAINERPAL ShuttleBin 330 plastic field bin for seasonal, long and short term rental. The collapsible vented side walls and ergonomic access door of the 40”x48”x33” CONTAINERPAL Shuttlebin330 distinguish it from all other plastic harvest bins and plastic field bins on the market. With a bin volume capacity of 47,000 cubic inches it can hold up to 1,500 lbs, while also offering unrivaled space-efficient transport, storage and display. Its unique ten-point zipper latch system makes this field bin easy and fast to set up and tear down. When collapsed to the compact height of 12.1”, up to 270 empty bins can be loaded on a 53’ trailer. Ideal for closed-loop transportation systems, three collapsed CONTAINERPAL ShuttleBin 330 plastic Ag bins can be stored in the place of one for reduced return freight costs and increased productivity.

In addition, the CONTAINERPAL ShuttleBin 330 plastic harvest bin is made of FDA-approved, impact-grade plastic. Its smooth, non-porous, splinter-resistant surface won’t trap debris, breed bacteria or absorb liquids like wood or cardboard, and is easy to sanitize. Fully-vented sides increase air flow and allow your products to cool faster, reducing energy costs and improving your products quality. Made for convenient stacking and storing, the interlocking foot design of the plastic harvest container allows secure stacking up to 8 bins high, and an optional drop down door offers easy access on the retail floor. Durable, convenient, safe–call to see how the CONTAINERPAL Shuttlebin 330 plastic agricultural harvest container can increase productivity and green your supply chain today.


The CONTAINERPAL Rental Program offers the CONTAINERPAL MacX plastic field bin for seasonal, long and short term rental. The durable 48”x40”x31” CONTAINERPAL MacX fixed wall plastic field bin is designed specifically to suit the agricultural industry. Made from high-impact resistant HDPE structural foam, these CONTAINERPAL fixed wall plastic harvest containers are long-lasting and easily recyclable. Tough yet lightweight, the HDPE plastic meets all the USDA/HACCP standards for food handling, has a reusable bin life unlike cardboard or wood bins, and is easily cleaned. In addition, the CONTAINERPAL MacX® plastic field bins or harvest bins are temperature resistant and UV protected for outdoor use. The smooth interior of the container allows for a better packout without the risk of splinters, pathogens, insects, mold, or other destructive elements commonly found in wood and cardboard bins. As always, our bins are designed with your safety in mind. Patented interlocking corners allow safe stacking up to ten bins high as well as conveniently compact storage which saves warehouse space and decreases transportation costs.

The CONTAINERPAL MacX field bin can be customized to suit your specific product with short side or long side replaceable runners and the option of either vented or solid HDPE plastic. We offer a wide range of dry bulk bin accessories, including customizable casters, drain plugs, drop doors, label holders, attachable lids and many more. This versatile, durable, design-smart agricultural container ensures safe product transportation and customer satisfaction every time.