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Dry Industries Served

If you’re looking for an easier, safer, greener and more cost-efficient way to ship and store dry materials, CONTAINERPAL is your best choice for durable and versatile rental shipping containers. Reduce packaging waste, labor, and transportation costs, while optimizing your inventory and improving product flow. There’s no better way to streamline your supply chain.

Our dry material containers are frequently used for storage in limited spaces, automotive parts shipping, seasonal product transportation, facility moves, general manufacturing, and WIP or works in progress. Wondering if we can ship or store your product? Our dry bulk containers are durable and versatile enough for a wide range of applications. Contact a specialist today for a cost-efficient solution.

Why you should Rent Reusable Shipping Containers

At CONTAINERPAL our first priority is that your products are kept safe even under the most rigorous shipping conditions, and that they arrive on time every time.

CONTAINERPAL will always keep its promise to REDUCE & IMPROVE:

  • Reduce packaging waste and cost (from disposal of cardboard boxes and wood pallets)
  • Reduce transportation cost due to packaging modularity and space-efficient design
  • Reduce labor costs by standardizing workflow
  • Improve product protection
  • Improve inventory management with container tracking services
  • Improve warehouse space utilization
  • Improve worker safety and better ergonomics

You can trust us to increase the efficiency of the rental process and streamline supply chain operations.