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Shipping Container Cleaning Services

At CONTAINERPAL, our reusable plastic bulk bins are specifically designed to be easily sanitized and anti-absorbent so that the cleaning process is as quick and cost-efficient as possible. We uphold the highest quality industry hygiene standards for container cleaning in order to exceed customers’ expectations and extend the life of your rental containers.

Our comprehensive shipping container management includes a meticulous cleaning process so that the containers you receive are always in like-new condition. Shipping containers are cleaned with eco-friendly chemicals and pressure washed at 3,000 PSI under the inspection of a Quality Control Supervisor. Clean containers are individually sealed and stamped with proof of inspection and stored in a dry, sanitary location. CONTAINERPAL’s rigorous shipping container cleaning process is environment friendly and ensures that your FDA-approved, durable plastic bulk bins are always the best choice for the storage and transportation of sanitized and sterile food, beverages, and non-hazardous chemicals.