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Sustainability Analysis

In addition to container cleaning and repair, CONTAINERPAL’s comprehensive management services offer a sustainability analysis and plastics recycling as a means to green your supply chain today.

Sustainability Analysis

A CONTAINERPAL specialist will analyze your on-site supply chain and make a record of ways to improve efficiency and sustainability. Their analysis will include recommendation for increasing efficiency and reducing overall waste, methods for greening your supply chain, and excess and obsolescence requirements. Specialists will determine which reusable plastic rental containers can be recycled through CONTAINERPAL’s plastics recycling services, and which are salvageable with our cleaning and repair services.

Plastics Recycling

CONTAINERPAL provides the highest quality reusable plastic PP, PE, and HDPE containers to its customers and values the lifecycle of these containers. Rather than being scrapped, containers which have been damaged beyond repair are recycled in a process that produces minimal carbon waste emissions in order to conserve natural resources. CONTAINERPAL’s reusable and recyclable plastic rental containers are cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Contact us today to see how our bulk rental bins can help green your supply chain today.