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Rent CONTAINERPAL’s Reusable Dry Bulk Container the All-Purpose ORBIS HDMC4845-34

CONTAINERPAL PROUDLY OFFERS the All-Purpose ORBIS HDMC4845-34. ORBIS Corporation has introduced a new reusable bulk container, the HDMC4845-34, designed to fit 84 filled bins per inbound truckload and 252 collapsed bins per return truckload. The new BulkPak® HDMC4845 Series containers stack securely when full and
collapse when empty for reduced return transportation costs and condensed storage. Available in two heights (27.0” and 34.0”), these pallet boxes offer 1,800 load capacities. The HDMC4845-34 allows companies to ship 8% more bins per truckload. Custom protective dunnage is available for all ORBIS BulkPak containers.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust spring loaded latches support handling safety
  • Color indicator strips on base for increased fork tine entry line of sight
  • Replaceable bottom stringer that reduces replacement cost of full base, lowering total ownership costs over the life of the bin
  • Full compatibility with industry 48 x 45 bulk containers
  • Structural sidewalls offer high level of durability and load capacity
  • Stacks securely
HDMC4845-34 Dry Bulk Container
Exterior Dimensions Length (A) 48"/1219.2 mm
Width (B) 44.5" / 1130.3 mm
Height (c) 34" / 863.6 mm
Interior Dimensions Length (D) 44.3"/1125.2 mm
Width (E) 41.6"/1056.6 mm
Product Clearance 27"/685.8 mm
48" Side Drop Door Dimensions Width 30.9"/784.7 mm
Height 15.4"/391.2 mm
45" Side Wing-Style Drop Door Width N/A
Height N/A
Container Volume 28.9 ft3/0.81 m3
Container Capacity 1,800 lb/810 kg
Stack Height Static / Dynamic 6/3
Tare Weight 125 lb / 56.2 kg
Collapsed Height 12.4" / 314.9mm
Return Ratio 2.9:1
48" Side Fork Opening Dims Width (I) 10.2" / 259.1 mm
Height (H) 3.4" / 86.4 mm
45" Side Fork Opening Dims Width (I) 10.3" / 261.6 mm
Height (H) 3.4" / 86.4 mm
Truckload Quantity (Collapsed) 53' with cover/no cover 252
Truckload Quantity (Open) 53' with cover/no cover 84
40' ISO Container (Collapsed) Std. with cover/no cover 180
40' ISO Container (Open) Std. with cover/no cover 60